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Detailed Guide to Selling & Transferring Property in Pakistan


If you are an owner of a property or a first-time buyer of a real estate piece of land, then this blog is for you. Because Sky Marketing brings you important information to transfer or purchase Property in Pakistan, it is also important to mention that property tax in Pakistan is also applicable. There are a few common conditions about the transfer of property ownership in Pakistan, such as:

  • Property transferred as a gift
  • Receiving the Property in case of inheritance
  • Selling Property and transferring ownership

These are the most occurring scenarios under which property ownership is transferred from one party to another. Commonly and as per law, property ownership can be claimed by the one who possesses its title. In other words, the transfer of Property means transferring the title ownership from one party to another. As mentioned a few conditions above, the transfer does not always mean that it is related to some property sale.

What does Property Transfer Mean?

The moment when a property has been purchased, it has to be purchased in the name of the buyer. In legal terms, property transfer would mean a person who owns the Property when they possess a title. In Pakistan, the transfer could be taken as the transfer of title from one entity to another.

The transfer may occur in several manners, while it could include mortgage concerns such as gift deed, lease, and exchange. Furthermore, several kinds of properties could also be involved in the transfer of Property. Usually, the real estate is taken as something immovable type of Property, but the plot files could be considered movable property.

What is Immovable Property?

Immovable Property is a kind of Property that cannot be moved without changing its nature. It is fixed to the ground. This type may include plots, houses, apartments, shops, and buildings or structures. These all are immovable and considered as immovable properties.

Who can transfer a piece of Property in Pakistan?

Not every person can transfer Property in Pakistan, but the one who owns it and has the power to sign the contract. A contract is binding on the parties selling and purchasing a property. There are several kinds of persons that cannot take part in the transfer of property, such as:

  • A minor, i.e., a person under the age of 18 years
  • A person who is mentally disabled
  • A person who is legally barred from taking part or sign any property transfer
  • A person not in their senses

A person must be 18 or above and well in senses to transfer a piece of property to another person. Under the Act, 1872, a contract is signed between two parties, while the transfer of ownership is binding on both parties.

The Property Selling & Transferring Procedure in Pakistan:

Following is the procedure for selling and transferring Property in Pakistan:

Byanya or Token:

The token is then followed up with a bayanya if the deal is successful between two parties for the transfer of Property. The first step in most cases involves the buyer has to pay the token, which is a specific amount paid to the seller to indicate the serious willingness for purchase. Then this is followed by a discussion, or some may call it negotiations for buying a property. Consequently, the seller stops dealings and negotiations with other parties and kind of reserves the Property to only be sold to the person paying token. After the successful deal, the token is returned with some deductions.

Then when initial talks are accomplished, then a byanya is signed between the parties that are a written agreement. The agreement involves:

  1. The complete details of the Property
  2. The terms and conditions of the sale of the Property
  3. The total amount agreed upon by both parties
  4. The date on which the buyer is bound to pay the remaining sum after both byanya and token

Required Documentation for Selling OR Transferring Property in Pakistan:

The documents required for the sale or transfer of Property in Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Recent passport size photographs of both the parties, that includes buyer and seller.
  2. Copies of original and valid CNIC
  3. The original title deed of the seller. The title deed is the document that proves the ownership of the seller.
  4. The sale deed is an agreement signed between the buyers and seller, which is considered the most important property document in the country.

Documents Required for Transfer Process:

Some documents are required for the transfer process as follows:

  1. The Fard-e-Milkiyat (Record of Rights) also goes by the name of ‘Fard’. The seller may obtain this form from the property registration office. It is a sort of guarantee from the competent authority that this Property belongs to the seller.
  2. A Non-Demand Certificate (NDC) is also an important document, reflecting that you don’t owe any dues on the Property. You can obtain this from the concerned development authority office in your local area.
  3. In an instance, you are interested in a property that is located within a private residential housing society, you usually also require a letter from the security to conclude the transfer. This may also act as a Fard document.

Obtaining Stamp Paper & Tax Payments:

The buyer also needs to submit property taxes while purchasing the Property as follows:

  • 3% Stamp Duty
  • 2% Capital Value Tax

Sale Deed Writing:

You may hire a lawyer or write it yourself if you have sound knowledge of it. It is usually recommended to hire a layer or any professional (Deed Writer) to perfectly write the sale deed. By hiring a professional, you will be able to avoid any unforeseen complications that may arise if written with proper knowledge or experience.

The Accomplishment of Sale Deed:

At the end of the transfer process, you will have to take it to the Sub-registrar`s office. There, a magistrate or Sub-registrar hears both of the parties, and when satisfied with the proceedings, he will approve the transaction and registers the deed. Now the deed could be considered legal possession of the recipient. The transfer is considered accomplished after the registration of the deed.

The Accomplishment of Sale Deed

Some Useful Instructions:

If you are new to the property transfer process, then the above-mentioned process could prove to be useful, and the following are some helpful tips to be followed:

Property Rates in Pakistan:

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Property Commission:

There are no specific laws that govern the work of the real estate business. For, this reason the Property Dealer Commission in Pakistan is a true need of the day. The commonly adopted practice for the dealers is to demand a 1% commission of the value of the Property from the buyer and seller. In some cases, 2% is also charged with the value of the Property.

The search for a Right Property:

If you are willing to buy a piece of real estate property in Pakistan, then your research must be sound while knowing all the pros and cons of the finalized Property. Conduct detailed research before the purchase of any property. Visit or contact Sky Marketing to gain knowledge of the best commercial or residential properties in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Such as Park View City Islamabad, ICHS Town, University Town Islamabad, B-17 Multi Gardens, and Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.

Some Further Details About Transfer of Property:

Following are some more pointers on legalities involved in the governing of property transfer in Pakistan:

Immovable Property Transferred as a gift:

In Pakistan, a notable trend common among the population is that the properties are also given as a gift to loved ones. Any transfer of property or land rights from the original owner given to the recipient and accepted makes the deal complete. As per the law, “every Pakistani citizen with a sound mind has the right to dispose of their property to the recipient in the form of a gift.”

Following are some essentials about the validity of the Property transferred as a gift:

  • Immediate stripping of the donor from the ownership of that particular property.
  • Declaration of the property gifted.
  • Official acceptance of the gift by the done
  • Delivery to the gifted property to the done

Documents required to transfer property as a gift:

  • Original Allotment Letter
  • Bank Draft
  • Property Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Attested copies of CNIC
  • Recorded statement before the concerned Deputy Director with his official seal
  • NOC

Property Transfer as Inheritance:

Property rights usually devolved to its legal and official heirs after the death of its owner. Inheritance of the property in Pakistan involves the automatic devolution of property rights to the inheritance of that property. According to the Property Transfer Act and Islamic Law, there is no concept of “Wil”; consequently, all the shares are distributed to the legal heirs.

The owner could donate any property. The owners are completely free to gift it to any person or also give it as a charity. They can give to any person, welfare, any organization, or any other entity.

Inheritance Certificate:

The inheritance certificate is the most crucial part of the property transfer process in Pakistan. The transfer process remains incomplete without the inheritance certificate known as “Wirasatnama” if the owner dies. If the inheritance certificate is produced, then the property will be transferred.

The inheritance certificate, also called Wirasatnama, is a kind of certificate and a registered document issued by the civil court. It has crucial importance in legal matters and the transfer of property process in Pakistan. It is a mandatory requirement in the legal processes of real estate.

How to Acquire a Certificate of inheritance?

The certificate of inheritance is crucial for the transfer of property in Pakistan and plays an essential role in safeguarding the heir`s property from any land grabbers and land mafias while offering a chance to be transferred to the rightful heir.

For acquiring Wirasatnama, several documents are required and need to be submitted in the Civil Court, such as:

  • CNIC of the deceased owner
  • CNIC of the heir
  • Public Ads and issued legal notices
  • Heirs` statements
  • Witness
  • Registry of immovable property


We hope that the Detailed Guide to Selling & Transferring Property in Pakistan was helpful and must have cleared several misconceptions or questions. If you want to know about the best property options in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, then contact Sky Marketing right now.

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